Grappling gun help can meburningslime or someone else help

heres the link Flowlab Game Creator - octopus grappling hook

join my team so you can edit

so are ya fixing it???


@hihilogic could you join my game and edit it where it works :smiley:

No. I gave you some advice, that should be enough. Have a nice life :upside_down_face:

i understand thanks for replying

@CodeAlpaca alpaca we have a problem when spawn into the game i instantly begin speeding to the side

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press the speed button again

what do you mean
let me send you link to the game

please edit your post with the link instead

Iā€™m not having that issue

k Flowlab Game Creator - New Game

i made a new game to see if the game was the problem

so did you find the problem

john shrekison ya still busy i was wondering i you could help me find the problem

How are you able to post 4 times in a row? I thought the limit was 3.

The problem must be the physics.

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do think i should just do a different game

this is so much of a hassle