Gravity problem

I’m a 5th grade teacher new to Flowlab so I’m learning right along with the kids.

Several of the kids in my class have encountered the same problem with gravity and I haven’t figured out why it happened or how to even fix it.

The kids have created a new blank project and in the Settings tab have only named it. As far as I know they didn’t change any of the other settings. They then added a character player, enabled moving, and added the Run & Jump behavior bundle (and didn’t change anything in the bundle). When they jump using the up arrow key, the player jumps super high, sometimes clear off the game screen. I tried adjusting the gravity in the Settings (choose both extremes of 0 and 100) and it doesn’t seem to change anything.

Any idea why this would happen or, better yet, how I can fix it?


Hello, welcome to the forums!
The most likely reason is either the kids upped the jump number (it should be 12) or “Affected by Gravity” is not on for the Characters.
If you add links to one or more of the games, then we can help specifically.


The cause for extreme jumping could be due to density levels, the lower the density is set, the higher the player object jumps

@thomamd, here are a few things you can try:

  1. In the object settings, make sure the “enable gravity” is checked.
  2. For the impulse behavior, try using little numbers first such as 1 - 6
  3. For the keyboard behavior using up arrow, check to make sure “repeating” is unchecked.
  4. In the object settings, make sure “Density” is not on the lowest settings
  5. Make sure gravity Y is not low either (by default is usually 45).

If your still having troubles with your game, could you please send the URL link for your game.
We’ll be happy to take a look and see whats the source of the problem. :slightly_smiling_face:
And also, Welcome to Flowlab!

Thanks all for those suggestions! As I tried out each step I discovered the problem. It appears that the students had accidentally added more than one Run & Jump behavior bundle, so obviously the jump force was being multiplied across all of them.

I’ve made a similar mistake with adding multiple copies of a block. When you click to add it, its placed in the center and if you accidentally click again it adds it stacks the blocks right on top of each other and you don’t notice multiple copies unless you move one.

Glad it was a simple fix and appreciate the suggestions! This is only our 3rd week using Flowlab and my 5th graders are loving it!


Seeing a teacher be taught by a dude with an anime profile pic is not what I thought I’d be doing today.


Glad to help @thomamd, ask us anytime if you need any help with using Flowlab.
I also have a ton of examples under my profile that you can check out:

I think your forgetting who the person with the anime profile is.



no, i’m not, lol

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@JR01 thank you for those examples too! I have been looking around for resources like that to share with my students.

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You need “Affected by Gravity” on, or else it won’t work.