In this game in I am trying to make it so that when the character hits the arrow it will shift gravity so he can walk on the clouds to get to the goal how can I do this?

Well I will look at this when I get home, but most likely I’m gonna suggest a motor

Ok, I looked at your game, and man it seems soooo familiar to me. I swear I really feel like I played something just like it. Probably an old indie game from the humble indie bundles. Anyway, tell me if this is what you want to do.

My mini game gravity dash flips gravity, but I want to make sure you want to be walking upsidedown.

It’s similar to what I want. I want when the person collides with the arrow facing up it sends him up and lets him walk on the bottom of the clouds to get to the coin and move on to the next level.

Ok, then what you want to do is get a motor for -## (number of your gravity)
It will be something like this

Have a toggle switch
[Always] goes to the (in)
[collision with arrow] goes to the (next)

Make a [flip] and click on it, check on vertical
On (out 1) have [flip] (back)
On (out 2) have [motor -##] and [flip] (flip)

Now when you hit the arrow you flip upsidedown and float up til you hit something.
um… you’re most likely going to need to make another button for down to be -## (your regular impulse jump number, but negative for jumping upsidedown)

I did what you said and maybe I messed up but when I touched the arrow all it did was flip but my character didn’t move up.

Ill look at it

Thank you. Sorry to bother you about this.

you didn’t add a number to the motor?
add (in) [number 40] to the motor’s (y)

Sorry forgot about that. Thank you for the help.

no problem. Also I noticed the flicker in the flip, idk why that shows up, probably a bug, but if it bothers you, you can delete the flip for left and right since your character only faces forward

I think I’ll let it be for now.

What would I do for him to go sideways?

What? Like walk on side walls? You’ll have to get rid of gravity entirely and add another toggle switch, or 2. I’ll go on my laptop later to explain better, but basically -
Change gravity to 0
Go to where you have your toggle switch and put your -number motor where there’s nothing, but first, add another toggle switch to it, and, here let me draw it.

Collision - toggle switch (out 1) - toggle switch (in) - -number motor
Always - the one toggle (out 2) - motor

You’re probably wondering what the extra toggle was for. Add ANOTHER toggle to that ones (out 2), and put a motor on both of those outs, one negative, one normal, but hooked up to velocity for x instead of y. Do the same with making arrows be the (swap) switches.

Sorry but, could you take a screenshot of what I would need to do?

I kinda figured you’d need me to do it for you. That’s fine, not everyone will figure the engine out themselves :slight_smile:
The site is working on adding new tutorials to the behavior cookbook

Also in the next level I sent him up so he can get past spikes and then I try to get him back down and it works when he touches the machine to go down but I can’t get him to unflip so he is facing upward again.

Ugh… wait a minute… I have a feeling something is wrong :confused:
this is too much of a hassle for me right now so I’ll make it easy and draw it for you
basically, everything in your game is wrong and needs to be changed since you want this wall thing

There you go. Just change the collisions to your arrow buttons names and you’re set. That was a huge headache to me… Oh, and for flipping right or upsidedown or whatever, add a [number 90 or -90] to a (set) [rotation] and [number 180 or 0] for upside down or normal. Add those to the on off switches depending how you pick your arrow buttons.

Thanks! I really appreciate it!