@grazer can ya add this?

I’ve been wanting these since i joined here it is:

  1. A split screen behavior

  2. A save the WHOLE GAME behavior

and 3. a thing where free users can export games but ONLY flowlab users can see them and buy

  1. Split-screen seems like it would be a good idea, but then we would need to find a way with how the camera behavior would work in a split-screen situation. Overall, this is a good idea for local multiplayer games, and certain cutscenes…
  2. A save state behavior has been talked about repeatedly, so it may come in the future.
  3. In order to sell your games with Indie, Studio, etc., you would need to export them first, then put them in the App Store, Google Play Store, Steam, or whatever you use to sell games. So in order for only Flowlab users to see Free account-sold games, then you would have to set up a shop in Flowlab specifically for exported Flowlab games, and that does not exist.

(Also it is not a waste if someone does not reply, that just means that nobody has anything to say about this.)

what is that blurred stuff

It is a spoiler. Usually used when the text included has nothing to do with the topic, or if it contains spoilers for a game. If you click on it, it will unblur.

Ok thanks Galaxian games

  • Should grazer do this?
  • Maybe
  • Should Grazer not do this

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Nice! ya voted this is my first time figuring out how to make a poll :smiley:

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Grazer voted no, lol. :joy:

even latif does again look at post above


Although, with grazer saying no, that’s kind of the final decision, unless he changes his mind in the future, either due to popular opinion or if he realizes it is feasible.

aw that sucks even for you grazer

I was just having fun - the “save game” behavior is requested so often I’m going to have to implement it eventually :slight_smile:

Split screen I’m not sure sure about, but maybe it’s possible?


Flowlab Games Are Already Pubished To The Site, The First Second Its Made

(I Think)

oh ok thats a relief but i would really like the split screen but i think the code is hard and i don’t want pressure on you so

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