Grazer can you bring back a game?

@grazer Can you bring back This Game it will be a fun game and i made a mistake on deleting it (help me plz)

You’ll have to tag him so he gets notified of this.

ok i did that hope grazer answers

/summon the impending doom

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Ok, I undeleted it, but please do me a favor: Explain to me how in the world you managed to accidentally delete this game. I keep trying to make the flow more and more obvious, but I can’t seem to stop people from “accidentally” deleting their games. Help me understand :slight_smile:


Here’s the hing @grazer the answer to that question is a simple “YES”

Maybe you could do what discord does and make them type the name of the game before they can delete it. That way you can make sure it is on purpose.


Good Idea :slight_smile:

Github has the same ‘fail-safe’ , no excuse there either for ‘accidental’


Maybe a pass-code needed to delete games, so if your brother or something deletes it they no longer can.


Do the pass code @grazer it will help so people that might barrow your computer then it will help

You didn’t answer my question, @Blu7962

I’m not sure I want to add the pass code, since that sounds like kind of a hassle, so I dunno. Maybe.

Well @grazer i was trying to delete a different game but when i pressed delete i noticed my stick boi was gone so i clicked the wrong one and that’s how it happend


I can see where if you have two games with a similar title or thumbnail and accidentally deleting one. But I usually double check before deleting a game cause of paranoia, but I can see someone accidentally deleting the wrong game.

I guess one more layer of warnings with the name and picture of the game for confirming deletion…

Thanks for the details :+1:

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Yeah, maybe just the thumbnail and name would help?


i was more suggesting a pin, something like 9341 (4 digit code) so people didn’t have to deal with other’s deleting their games, however it does seem uncommon for something like this to happen…

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@Galactian, it still wouldn’t help in this situation because Blu7962 was deleting it on purpose.
But realizing it was the wrong one afterwards.

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Having to type the name of the game before deleting would help in this situation though

True but the pin method he said wouldn’t work.
Only bad thing with the type method is if you named your game with characters that you can’t type with.

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