@Grazer, Can You Change My Username?

Can you change usernames? I want to change mine to Lemony.


Yeah I Agree I Want To Change My Username To Cause I Misspelled Productions @grazer

I’ve changed both of your usernames, you may need to log out of the forums and back in for it to take effect here.

Umm My User Name Is Still The Same I Even Logged Out And Back In Nothing

My User Name Needs To Be GrimProductionZ

Also It Said Grimproductionz Which Aint How I Want It But It Only Says That Were It Says Account Type

can I change my name to seamothmaster46? I know someone is already named seamothmaster45… that is me I have taken over my brothers account he is gone

Wait @seamothmaster45 is gone were he go

it is me

Wait Your Brother Why He Steal Avatar And Name

…no @GrimProdutionZ I said that it WAS my brothers account I stole it because he is gone now

No He Is Not Gone


can I just change my username?