Grazer i need my name change

Can you change my name to GrimStudioZ. If there already is another account named that its just one of my off accounts from you know what so just delete it, guarantee is has no games on there.

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There needs to be a way for users to change their names, but it has to get authorized but a mod or grazer. Like on your profile in the flowlab game maker. That would be cool if you were able to change your name whenever you want (as long as its appropriate and it hasn’t been taken) then if would send that name to a mod or something (pending) so they can look over it and decide whether they should change it or not. This way would be a little easier instead of everyone always bombarding Grazer about name changing.


Someones name is already GrimStudioz and plus he was suspended on his account so yea

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@LogicStudioz1 - Haevoc and GrimStudioZ are the same person, but grazer gave him another chance.
And I just realized the amount of people who have their usernames contain the word “studio” in them…

Most platforms give users the ability to change their usernames at their will, while some charge them a fee to change it more than once. If grazer does grant users the ability to change their usernames, it would be good for users who are dissatisfied with their usernames… as long as they don’t change it too often.


Don’t give him any ideas what if it comes only with paid version I pay 72 dollars a year.

You pay 59 dollars a year, and so do I

Why is everyone talking about names just change it for him pls @grazer

He did it’s grimstudios now

Haevoc is banned now for reasons I will not say.


Says the guy with “games” in his name :sunglasses:
(this is a just a joke please no one crucify me)

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Respecting a rule breaker’s privacy as far as the rules broken goes is not something that should be done. You can’t just ignore that, you have to own up to your past mistakes and show that you’ve learned from them. That’s just my take, though. Not a big fan of that idea haha

Wait, just realised, was that a joke? :joy:
lol if it was I’m a bit red ngl


Well, everyone kept reviving this and taking about haevoc getting his name changed so I just kinda said he was banned, but then again it was also more of a joke. But he’s actually my brother so I guess I can joke about that stuff.


Eh I keep a level of respect for all flowlabbers, especially if I know it them irl. It’s pretty rude to talk trash about someone behind their back.

Well, I wasn’t even talking bad about him, I was just saying he got banned since people thought he was still around.

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I know, not saying anything you did was wrong I 100% back you up but starting to joke about it can lead to hard feelings.

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Hey guys ever think about how this is actually a game discussion place?
it feels so wierd talking to other game developers

Ye lol, is that supposed to be “get back on topic” or “this is something I noticed”

This is something I noticed
I am truly honored to be here (even though it costs 59 dollars a year)

It doesn’t actually cost you anything to be here, you only pay if you want unlimited power, and to support Grazer too

Yes lol, me too. I love most of thus community.