Grazer i need my name change

Never go past INDIE.
It isn’t worth it unless u wanna make it a full tiem job

I don’t think you get how it works. The only other plans are Teacher and School, which are for teachers. and schools. No one’s going to get either of those unless they’re a teacher.

I mean it literally says

When you buy either of these, you’re pretty much buying a whole bunch of indie accounts, so the price difference is justified

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I got it and I’m somewhat a teacher. @nrypsjc it’s also worth it if you have multiple people that want separate accounts.

You’re paying for 25 other people? O_O

Basically, yes.

That’s a lot of money.

No, I’m just using an edu account. Besides, it’s worth it for the shared memories, happy moments, and great games.

I’m confused, what plan are you paying for?

Education edition. It’s not that expensive relative to 25 indies lol.

So that’s 200$ a year

Yes it is. When I got it, the price was 120. Still, even though I can’t afford a new phone cover I’m still happy lol.

Yeah I guess so, I can’t imagine doing that myself though… o_o

Well I think I spend more time on here than you so it makes more sense for me to.

On here as in on the forums? And I mean, I have indie. I meant I couldn’t imagine buying the teacher plan

Do you not have many friends that want to code? That would make sense why. Anyways it doesn’t matter. I like coding with my friends.

If I had friends that wanted to do this I’d have them get indie themselves… or I’d make a group

I mean, we just have different friends. The only people I talk to about this stuff aren’t minors, they have their own money and probably wouldn’t even want me to buy anything for them

@meburningslime has a point. Education or teacher costs 200 dollars a year, but you can add a lot of accounts on that. Indie is 60 a year, but lets say you have five friends. That’s 300 dollars a year just for you all and it would be cheaper if you distribute the pricing and save 100 dollars. At least I know you can get in trouble for sharing the teacher plan if you aren’t necessarily a real teacher. Meburningslime is a teacher, or is teaching, and he gave some of us his indie a while back but got in trouble since we aren’t really his students. Then again would you pay for 25 indie accounts or just buy teacher edition. At least this is my opinion.

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Like I said, we just have different friends.