Grazer I need your help.

I have just been accepted as the main Curriculum Programmer and Developer for a Ministry! What I’ll be doing is creating an online curriculum with minigames and the like to help kids falling behind in school, essentially .
What would I need from you?
PLEASE add an object that allows you to type!!! I need a filter as well to activate an output if you type a specific word. This should be connected to A GUI in some way. Thanks!


Hey @meburningslime - you’re in luck :slight_smile: (sort of). The next feature update (the update after the one I’m currently working on, which is bug fixes only) is planned to have much better and more sophisticated text handling. The bad news is that this update is still weeks away most likely, so I’m not sure it will be available in time for what you need.

@grazer thanks, I’ll tell my team! Hopefully it can be done soon.