@grazer maybe you should here what i have to say before banning me for 3 days

Yeah i was going to give you a solid answer but you kicked me and now i cant give it to you since it got deleted BRO

so can you not do that maybe un kick me and here what i was going to tell you

Oh yeah and if you haven’t already know for some reason I’m GrimProductionZ

Of course you not going to answer me are you @grazer

Perhaps it would be easier if you tell him now what you want to say. That way, he will see it already when he is online, instead of having to wait for a while.

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@Grimiscoolandstuff - you were on here complaining about a game being featured, which is out of line and completely counter to the goal of the forum, which is to support each other.

If you would have looked a bit closer, you would see that the first listed games have a dark border and a star icon, which means they have been featured. It has nothing to do with the number of plays or likes. I personally choose to feature games based on the following criteria:

  1. It has to be reasonably finished (beginning, middle, end)
  2. It has to be reasonable stable (no game stopping bugs)
  3. It has to be reasonable polished (looks nice, has sounds, menu, etc)
  4. It has to be brought to my attention (I have to realize the game exists and try it out)

In addition to multiple complaints about the latest game feature, you were in other threads making other complaints. I’m trying to spend my time completing the next editor update, I don’t want to waste it cleaning up negativity on the forums.

please do not evade bans this way, the mute/ban is a way for me to request that you stay off the forum a while until you cool off. If you insist on continuing to take advantage of my patience, my only recourse will be to ban your IP and/or delete your account.

Thanks for reading.


Hey umm i did not know this so thank you also i did say i was not complaining about the game i just did not know how the system worked so thank you for this information i really appreciate it. I was wanting this info the whole time thanks for understanding. :smiley:

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