Grazer/Mhx Air can you transfer my games to another account?

@grazer can you transfer my games from seamothmaster’s account to this account? And change this accounts nane to seamothmaster44? Or 46

@gameraider374 just add the games into a dev team, put both accounts on the team, and clone them.

When I made seamothmaster45 I accidentally messed up the email but, it still took it. So now I forgot my password and I can’t get the email…

@gameraider374 ask @“Mhx Ar” , he’s way more active.
Adhsgaerzr e n

Ok…You already tagged him so I’ll just wait for a response

Hey @gameraider374 - send me an email to discuss this ( I can’t just move games from one account to another without verifying that both accounts belong to the same person. Also, it’s not super easy to move games between accounts, so it might be simpler to fix up the old account instead.