Grazer now that your back...

Hey now that your back, I can restate some things I asked earlier. Could you make some new game modes? It would take a LOT of work, I know, but I could help? Maybe? I waws thinking when you click “New Game” It gives you an option for 2d game, 3d game, or text adventure. Also on the forum :lol: you have ranking systems, but they do nothijng and you yourself are still at member. Could you maybe implement something? I have one more thing to ask: PLEASE make an advertising system! Some people have made VERY good games, but don’t know how to tell people. A recording or something. Advertising on the main flowlab page or something please. Thanks!

making a 3d game engine is the most difficult thing in the world. text based option would be lit tho

IK i tried making an engine before XD