Grazer Or Others Question

What Was The FIrst Ever Game Made On Flowlab? (Not Grazers Games)

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(Post A Link If You Know)

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Its either:

  • Doesn’t exist anymore
  • Not a real game
  • Broken
  • Too difficult to find
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well as far as the earliest game you can find that would be this

any game before that gives an error message :frowning:
and theres even some bugs in the editor
but for the earliest game made by a seperate user let me search a bit more

heres slicer. a game I found after a quick search but there could have been one earlier so let me look a bit more just to verify

I mean if you could even call this a game
but i’ll do some more searching

I think any game before 200 are all test games and with test accounts.
That’s more evident, when you look at the names of the next few users.
TestUser and Charles halry, sounds like test accounts.

The first game I was able to find with a tempt for progress was this one:

Still not much and still not sure if its a real account, but makes sense because someone would be tryiing to follow along with Grazers earlier youtube videos on how to make the same game.


Is It Just Me, Or Does The Game Keep Saying

                                    Connection Error
                           Game Art Could Not Load Correctly
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After I Searched The Meta I Found This Account: image
Hmmm… Joined 2013 Might Be A Test Account, I Dunno

I Think The Way To See If Its A Test Account Is To See If They Ever Posted On Forums, and Join Date Is Below 2016.

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nope it says that when ever you play just click ok and continue

It Just Keep’s Poping Up Like, Every 2 Seconds (After I Click)