@grazer [spoiler][/spoiler]

is this your channel or something? Graser - YouTube

No its actually not.


No,it’s not.
1.Grazer has a Flowlab channel.
2.There is an s instead of a z.

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i realize the s, but i thought that was just random

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Also pretty sure @grazer does not play Minecraft either.

Now I think this is his flowlab channel.
Literally just called flowlabIO


Any way point resolved we no longer need to post comments on this discussion.

Yeah that’s it I think.

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thanks maniac


I think he does also have another channel for himself though.


Your welcome @witherdragon4

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The FlowlabIO is hosted by pixel pizza i believe?

don’t know for sure.

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I never liked that guy. Now that I’m saying this he is probably going to pop up someone and screw me over cause thats how he does things

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It might be, or grazer and pixelpizza share the same account or something.
I know pixelpizza makes the videos, but then I also heard that grazer uploads them (probably to the flowlab video tutorial page) so I’m not entirely sure who’s who, but oh well.


I can name 20 reasons why but nobody would believe me or they just take his side which is annoying as hell.

Who the hell are you talking about?