@grazer Swapping Layers

@grazer There should be a button called Swap Layer because i was making a ghost, but i forgot i was still in background layer. And i cant swap it back, please add this.

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You can’t add this since different behaviours are disabled in certain layers.


if you want to, there is a copy and paste sprite function

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Maybe it could give a warning

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how drafty science? eeeeeee

First, use this selection tool to select the sprite
Once you have it selected, press the copy button in the bottom left

If the button is grayed out, you either didn’t select anything or you need to click inside of the selected area
Then, go into the object you want to paste to
Click the paste button in the bottom right
And that should work :+1:

Edit: to use the selection tool, just click the top left of the sprite and drag the box down to the bottom right

Ohh, yeah! I just use the Selection Tool to delete stuff.

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