@Grazer, The Ultimate List of Updates taken from users of Flowlab +

This is less a forum/ chat, and more of a sequel to my previous discussion on updates, http://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/8230/the-updates-everyoneone-wants-that-grazer-should-totally-do-including-the-biggest-update-ever#latest, and more of a list. I wish I could make this an announcement, but hopefully enough people will see this. So, in the previous forum, I posted some updates, and grazer did agree he was working on some. After, however, people all around Flowlab started posting their Ideas for updates, some of which I strongly agree with. So this a collections of all, so @grazer can have a more broad, grand total of things to do. Basically, it’s just all the updates mentioned in that forum.

Bellow is the List. This does include the original ones from my other forum as well @grazer so you will see some you have witnessed before. Anyone is always free to comment on some other updates you would like to see, but for now; These are the main updates we all want to see:


  • Duplicating levels, as when you need to make a copy of a huge and detailed Level it is impossible to do so. This would REALLY help.

  • Being able to have a flip option in the sprite editor, as god that would be useful. Seriously, that would save us all a lot of trouble as we could make an AI Sprite flip as an animation!

  • The When you type this, ___ happens is like when a text box or something shows up with a title, Lets say “Level 4 Codes” and when you type the right message, like “Snowy_mountains” it will do something, e.g transport to level 4. This can be done in scratch as well.

  • Layers in the Sprite Editor. This would make life a lot easier. Maybe try to make an editor like https://www.pixilart.com/

  • Priority is great, but it would be super useful in the UI as well, like as a loading screen should be above everything else but is not, because of no priority in UI

  • Being Able to Import gifs. That would be super helpful.

  • Global Variables and Data Lists

  • Add a rag doll feature, like the attacher but more controllable

  • Add a way to save your progress of the game, useful for online games (IF YOU FIX MULTIPLAYER) and lets say you buy a skin and you need to save it FOREVER, it works!

  • And Maybe add a 3-rd person game style/template, and to pick it instead of tutorial and blank game, add a option for 3-rd person games, just think what people could do, and more players and people will come to flow-lab.

  • MULTIPLAYER (Everyone is so obsessed with this so I Had to put it here)

And Finally…

  • More than one button, n the Alerts! @grazer , When I say EVERYONE wants this, I mean, this would help out EVERYONE on flowlab. Please, Even just 1 more, even 2, just More buttons on the alert or a general Alert update.

That Kind of Sums up all of the feedback from my other forum, and puts it into one big, easy list instead of having to search through the comments! I will Eventually make a trequel (A Third) version of this if we get enough feedback and if @grazer considers doing these. And I thought I might just shout out to @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev @TinkerSmith @seamothmaster45 @Superstargames @praisetheyuppee and @rcreger (Ok, and @natotomatoe but loads of people have mentioned multiplayer) for giving me loads of feedback on my other forum and for having a hand in what goes here. Hope you take these into consideration @grazer and everyone else - Tell me what you Think! I’m all ears!

yay you liked my idea!

then again people have probably asked for it before so it is not really my idea…

Yeah, but I heard it from you in my other forum @seamothmaster45

@“The Kodex” those are all really good. Especially the rag doll attacher one. I would use the heck out of that in my game.

Also @grazer Being able to copy animations directly from object to object would be super useful to0

@“The Kodex” What about shortcuts in the game and sprite editor

Oooh, I got a shout-out!
Anyways, I have a few thoughts I wanted to share here.

  1. I agree with this idea because I want to be able to import the same level layout numerous times in my game Pixel Sports.
  2. @grazer mentioned in one post that he would be thinking about doing this, so that is at least confirmed to happen.
  3. So do you mean typing in a certain code in a text box, it will perform an action? Could be useful, although you can already type codes using switches and keyboard behaviors.
  4. I don’t know how this would work out. I won’t be upset if it was added, however.
  5. We already have display orders, if that’s what you are suggesting.
  6. GIFs would be useful, especially if you are doing tutorials.
  7. That may be useful.
  8. I have always loved ragdoll physics. This is a great idea.
  9. We have Save behaviors already, though they only work on one device, and not on your account.
  10. I don’t understand “3rd person” games. Do you mean “3D” games?
  11. I miss using multiplayer, and it would be a fun feature to use.
  12. Alerts with multiple buttons has always been a feature that I wanted. I REALLY wish that this one comes!

There was another feature that I have always wanted: the structure block. I have a whole discussion talking about that. If you want the link, just ask.
I also wish that were were jumpscare sound effects/haunted music, because we have to rely on combining different sfx to make a jumpscare noise, or use outside websites for them (and doing that is something I rarely do).

I also have another idea I posted in a separate discussion (if you want to see the link, just ask):

I summed it up more but here are my thoughts:

  • I agree with every addiction to the sprite editor. Grazers been wanting to redo it for a while now but he’s
    been fixing bugs like a mad lad. Good notes if he goes to redo the editor.

  • Duplicating level/layouts and objects been asked for a while and I think they would be nice.

  • Making Writable text is technically possible… but a textbox UI behavior would be a good and easier to do feature.

  • UI layer already has layering… unless you mean UI behaviors…

  • Grazer has mentioned Global Variable are in the works already

  • Rag-doll is technically possible, but would be better if Joints are implemented.

  • Save States would be nice but would be complex. All Data running on Flowlab would need to be save at specific point, then to be loaded from.

  • 3D just aint happening, it would be impossible with this engine. I would advise trying Unity.

  • Multiplayer is in the works, several new ideas:

  • More customization with UI behaviors is nice like alerts, but they server the base idea well.
    With a few additions to alerts, it would still has its limitations. It would be best to create your own Alert objects for more specific purposes.

hey @grazer could you add a feature to duplicate objects including there animations. it would help instead of remaking the same sprite over and over again

@grazer Response?

Ufff, that is one long request list.
@grazer would have to clone himself to catch up with half of that :slight_smile:
Is there anyway we can help?

@grazer Can you please give a reply to this? What do you think? Which Do you agree with?