Grazer, There is a BIG Problem with my Game but NOTHING is wrong...

@grazer , A few weeks back I managed to Export one of my games to windows and I found a few problems. In the exported version, there is a glitch in which when colliding with a “Key” object a message should be sent to the “Gate” object which should have it destroyed. Instead, it only destroys a few of these blocks and has the majority not affected by this.In the online version of my game, nothing seemed wrong with the code and everything worked perfectly. But the worst part is this is not the only thing. There could be dozens more, but I can’t test it out because the problem above prevents me from accessing any level after level 2! @grazer Why is this happening and how can I fix a problem that technically should not be happening!? I need some help!

The Game is A Tale of Light and Darkness:

@grazer ? Can you please help?

I know how you solve this one.

Instead of making the door/gate a bunch of blocks - change the size of the block to X blocks tall. (instead of 32x32 px, it would be 96x32px or so.)

This will make the gate deactivate entirely.

Thanks @PixelPizza That should work! Do keep updated as I am sure many more problems are to occur…