Grazer what's this?

“Welcome to
“makers of the Flowlab game creator.”

Oooh. :hushed:

@grazer not sure exactly how he found this but I’m curious too

Based on it being a cube, my guess is Flowlab 3D. Must be a secret project.

I can’t wait

I was just hanging around in the flowlab website. I went to the bottom of the home page and clicked “Support”, then I clicked “Support Forums”. It will redirect you to “” but it gave an error that the DNS address cannot be found. So I just tried “” and it worked. And I was like wow what is this, just like jngthree’s comment “Oooh.”

Hey, that’s just an old website of mine where I dump random stuff - sorry, nothing too exciting :frowning:

The expectations turn 180 degrees. :astonished:


3D flowlab would be cool…

No pressure tho

@grazer You ruined the hype :frowning:

@Luminous700 nice one lol

A dump site? That’s fair. I used to have a weebly for that. I should probably delete it. I have a 2TB portable HDD now, but sometimes I use Dropbox.

Yah a 3D flowlab would be really cool