@grazer will every paid memberships will come free when you're rich or will happen soon?

(it says on top please answer @grazer)

Probably not. very unlikely

was just on when you posted.

oh ok (PMBAL2C 202020)

I don’t see Bill Gates giving out free computers anytime soon… But really, he would not do that, as sane people don’t give away their profits once they are successful


No - but Flowlab probably would be under an overhaul of he managed to get that kind of money, as I can see grazer hiring more workers to improve the site and online engine. The price COULD drop though, but the prices are actually really good right now as it is.

I think grazer should make patreon or a kickstarter for flowlab. something like that

Honest Answer is probably not, but he would be able to go full time onto Flowlab instead of being a hobby of his. With that kind of money, he could add features and revolutionize Flowlab, advertise on all platforms, pay a team and make Flowlab a “Company”, and compete with Unity and Game Maker.

Here’s wishing you to win the lottery Grazer lol


I don’t think flaowlab can compare to unity. But flowlab being a company, that would be kind of cool

@8-bit_Studio, It’s extremely unlikely that all paid memberships would become free. Plus flowlab.io has a very small budget. Grazer makes around 1000 dollars a month. But most of the money would be used to keep all games and servers running. Most users about 80% are on free account and 20% are on paid accounts. So if the rest of the 80% would also become paid accounts the budget rate would increase alot. Then grazer would make around 5000 dollars a month. About 1000 dollars on servers and games and the rest in features like hiring a developer team. That could make all the features in the trello list come to a reality.