@grazer I know I have already asked you this but can you please change it so that when someone opens the editor it doesn’t let them move stuff or add stuff or destroy stuff.
When my friends do that sometimes and it saves it makes me want to quit Flowlab, and (I know You can make your game embed but then either you keep your game on flowlab, and have people still cheat, or you delete it off Flowlab and not be able to make any updates.)
so can you Please Please Please Please Please Please Please make it like this.

I would be so HAPPY!!!.
If anyone else agrees please comment:
Thank you in advance grazer

They would have to be on your account to add/delete stuff. If you want to show the game to your friends without them doing that, log off your account. Then login once they’re done.

The only people that can edit your game in the editor are you and anybody that you added to your team. If someone is using your account, they can also edit it. Nobody else is able to make changes to your game, except maybe grazer himself. If you log out or open an Incognito browser, you will see that the game is locked and makes a beep beep beep noise to let you know that saving doesn’t work.

He’s talking about cheating. Like removing/adding objects to make the game easier.

Yeah Im taking cheating when people just delete all the enemys and win

Lets say when you beat a level it saves to let you always be able to play the next level. If you delete all the enemies it will still save
@grazer please

Its mainly ment so then players can see the inner workings of a game incase they want to know what someone’s specific coding for theirgame is or if they are getting help or giving help to someone

@MagmaDude100 Viewing the editor is fine, but making temporary edits doesn’t make sense. The edits should be reverted as soon as you play the game again to prevent people cheating your game. You can also use the editor to skip certain levels which is bad too.

I don’t understand why this is still a thing.

Yeah @Latif in your game The Graveyard (which is one of my favorite games on Flowlab) You can make it so every time the bullet collisions with the skeleton it emits 100 bones or more! @grazer really needs to fix this.


Hey Guys,

So the main reason that the editor is available to everyone is that it makes it much easier to help each other track down problems. When someone asks for help with a logic problem, it’s super helpful to be able to open up the game and poke around to try and fix it. Making the changes revert after editing like @Latif suggests would make testing fixes in other people’s games impossible.

The thing about “cheating” in a single player game is that really the player is only cheating himself out of a chance to have some fun playing it. Most games have a way to “cheat” in single player - FPS games have a noclip, debug or god mode, and lots of games have some sort of variation on the Konami or some other cheat code. Most people don’t play games with a cheat mode enabled because it kills the fun, not because they can’t.

Anyway, all that being said - if this is something that you guys really feel like we need, I’m willing to listen. I think it should be relatively straightforward to add a “lock behavior editor” toggle somewhere, that would prevent people from making behavior changes.

I added a card for this feature to the Trello board: https://trello.com/c/KTvG9jya/55-lock-behavior-editor-toggle - this can probably go in the next editor release if I can find a decent place for the switch.

If anyone else reads this thread and has input on this issue, I’d love to hear it!

Thank You so much @grazer will this also allow them not to be able to go to levels and select which ever one they want?