Grazer's Live Stream Recap - 20 Hour Timelapse & Resulting game 🎮

For the folks who didn’t have time during the Flowjam to check out the live stream, I made a little timelapse video of all 20 hours:

The game I made is called “Reactor 7”, and I made it within the rules and timeline of the Flowjam.

  • I streamed about an hour per day, with a few more towards the end
  • I only worked on the game while streaming
  • In total it took about 20 hours
  • I “finished” right at midnight (but it’s not really finished)
  • I may clone it and make a more polished version if folks like it, I kind of like it myself, but I had a bunch more polishing I wanted to add

I couldn’t enter it for obvious reasons, but if anyone wants to check it out anyway, you can play it here, I’m curious to hear what you think:


I really enjoy the menu screen, I’m a sucker for clean, fun looking titles. The game is fun too, I like the classic feel to it.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I didn’t have time to actually draw something, so I had to make do on Monday with two labels and some particles.


I really liked it… it looked clean. It didn’t feel unfinished.