Grazers Youtube Channel

I Would Like To See Some More Videos From Grazers Channel!
Maybe Some More Beginner Tutorials To Advanced?

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@pixelknife31 Ye, I agree.

I Watched All Of Them

For a beginner tutorials, I really recommend this playlist by Joshua Baker.


I Like Watching Grazer Do It

This would be nice, but is completely up to him :wink:

Wait, since when did Grazer have a YouTube channel?

Since 8 Years Ago The Oldest Video Is 8 Years Ago

The Camera Block Used To Be Called “View”


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I didn’t know I needed to see… I mean “view”, this…

I Cant Understand What Your Saying

So yeah - that block was originally named “View” as in you move your “view” of the level around. It seemed to be confusing for people though, and the name “Camera” seems to be much more intuitive.


Are You Ever Going To Make Another Video?

In my opinion you should upload to that channel again, i’m very curious as to how Flowlab is changing and the thought process behind certain changes

(That, and videos are a much more interesting way to present updates then text)

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