Green boxes (serious animation bug)
@grazer, can you please check the GUI object in “Level 2/3” in this game (the big black one), there’s a bunch of green boxes in there instead of the animations there’s supposed to be. I worked really hard (and it was really dull) on this and I DON’T want to have to do it again

Can you please fix this??
*also this isn’t the first one that happened. Another object had the green boxes but it was a very simple animation. I haven’t touched this GUI thing for weeks and now this…

The green boxes are in EVERY SINGLE ANIMATION for that object
plz fix as soon as possible! :frowning:

@grazer don’t forget this one

Ok, here’s what happened: Animating such a large sprite created a composite spritesheet that was so large that your browser was no longer able to handle it, and the pixel data was lost.

I’m going to try and deploy a backup of the server and recover a previous version of the spritesheet from that, so that you don;t lose your work. Do you have an idea of about when the animations disappeared? That will give me an idea of where to start looking.

I need to add a limit to the animation frames, based on sprite size, so that this won’t happen again. .

Oh :frowning:
well about two weeks ago I think it was fine. I actually haven’t checked on it for about a month but I saw it just yesterday. Sorry if it’s not much help :confused:

Ok, I’ll check it out - thanks.

@Luminous700 I sent you an email about this, let me know if this is still a problem for you.

thank you, I’ll see it later on my laptop [3ds screen 2 small]