Grid generator Ya

How do make an object spawn everywhere in the grid when it’s not touching something.

-And if it is touching something it would destroy itself.


@R0CK ? I dont understand

@GGSTUDIOS I actually tried the same thing, I think he means that he wants objects to randomly generate in a grid like pattern, but if there is an sprite, let’s say, two times bigger than the other sprites, it will destroy nearby sprites so it fits together with the rest like a puzzle. Like I said, this is what I think he’s trying to say. Sorry @R0CK if this is all wrong. It’s just my understanding of it.

i made randomly generated levels in my prototype mining game by placing a non-solid “spawn block” that will spawn a random object onto it an then destroy.

oh that’s cool! I’ve never thought of making something like that before!

That’s actually not a bad design not the best and most lag preventing but its very easy and well organized. Also you game kind of reminds me of a game mobile game called “Gig Out” very fun but never works on a poor device

Mind if i use this design to make a game similar. :no_mouth: