GrimStudioZ Development Team (Now hiring developers)

GrimStudioZ wants you to join them
Please choose one job below

We need two Professional Pixel artist

We need two Professional coders

We need one second in charge person -Spoiler probably going to be a friend

Maybe you have a job idea or somthing I can’t thing of any more so please if none of the above apply create your own or something

Also yes you will be paid but this will be in the near future when the games are published

me do big pixleart

Can you like give a better image umm it looks like you just “Hippity hoppity you image is now my property”ed the ting bro

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Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 2.41.51 PM actually the pixelart is mine the background is not

What is it, is it a slime jumping and that’s his shadow cause like make the shadow round it look better

I’m in as a coder

Obviously DoM will be taking up a lot of my time, but I’ve been wanting to work on another game for a long time now. This just might be it :smiley:

Ok I hope you very good

Just don’t expect me to be able to all the time, and we’ll be fine

Ok @glithctyrus and @Ramshacklegamestudios I invited you to the team do not change any of my games unless ask permission I will sent you both a message for this group and we talk development

ok sounds good :+1:t2:

i think i will be good for the coder job here is some code of mine it was from a boss battle i made

game link check it out

go to big boss battle real

@Mr_Black_Smile Ok your hired just make sure that you organize very well also don’t do anything unless i give you permission ok :slight_smile: ill be waiting for response then ill give you your first task.

ok sure thing i will make sure to

@GrimProductionZ if u want a pixel artist i have a good person in mind

Ok who would that be

Mr Mushroom but sadly he doesnt go on the forms page i could get him to

I would love to join

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@GrimProductionZ u havent sent a invite yet

Ok sorry about that I was busy for a while just remember not to mess with anything without permission ok