Group Project

I want to be in a big project with someone but I have no creativity or inspiration. I think I know a lot of stuff about flowlab and I think I make pretty cool stuff but I need someone to work with and help me. If anyone wants to be in a group with me I can provide a password.

Hello Poo! Here Rich Sam Toms ( From AfroPixel Team ). I can work with you, but do not worry about the password I do not tell anyone else the team (unless you want to). I Hope your awnser…

If you need my email:

i messaged you btw

Give me the info and i might be in

what do you mean? Its a “you can do anything” project.

I’ll tell you this- im in the team, it’s great. But he needs to make it to where It counts the views of each game. Rich. Its possible. We need to make a new Google email as well as Flowlab account. Name it the afropixel TEAM. And you will operate thie email. Then you email each of us the password name for the flowlab password.

We need to be assigned seperate parts of the week depending on what times we are comfortable with.

Since this can be a free account, we need to make each game count. We also use google forms to vote on what game gets made, and anyone above a C rank can get to give an idea while anyone below that votes.

good idea
can i do behaviors?



I’m good at behaviors too

How about taking turns

ok. ill do sprites today ok?

wait. what game are we even making first?

The Atmus is pretty nice at sprites so POO and Atmus work on graphics. Rich and JngThree with behaviours. OK?

Ok, but first… We need to decide on a game type

kay i think I’m in

Idea: first person horror game.

JNG adventures used to be Jnation but it didnt work well. anyway that game isnt so bad, i need to work on the sprites to make it less cartoony.

EDIT: well all my games are cartoony but not “smooth” graphics