Guess whos back boizzz!

It’s me. Ya boi. Back from his hiatus. I did a little coding on flowlab, but the best thing that happened is my birthday on july 1st! Me and three of my buds hung out and played some epic lazer tag, then we just went to a google campus to do random things.
I also want to say that I made a flowlab tutorial. I mean, I finally filled my end of the bargain, but mostly because I discovered my chromebook can screen record now :grin:
You can find it here:

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Also, I saw everyone’s posts on my birthday page, and I just want to say that I’m super grateful for all your support! Unfortunately, I have surpassed my favorite number, 13.
Whatever. I’m ready to party and do stuff, make more annoying feature requests, help people with games, and most of all try to make my drawing better :slight_smile:

The king is back.


Welcome back my bro!

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