Guess whos Back!

That’s Right! I’m Back to flowlab! Did ya miss me?
I’ve been really busy with school and familly, so I havent had much time to make games, but, Im back now, and am hopefully gonna be Participating in Jams now!
I’m also planning to make and release RoboControl 2!
anyways, I’m happy to be back to playing and making games!
(also, I think my icon fixed itself)
sincereley, Baconcat008


Welcome back, @Baconcat008! The Flowjam is about to begin, and if you do participate, I wish you the best of luck.

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WHOO @Baconcat008 is back!!! Flowjam is like maybe tomorrow

Yeah, theme will be announced today at 11:30 PM Eastern Time, and the Flowjam itself will start tomorrow.

Oh so it’s starting tonight?

Well, by the time the Flowjam starts, it would be tomorrow, at 12:00 AM, so technically no.

Are you dumb?

That was a bit rude…

Do you know what tonight means bro, i was also asking question :wink:

I know you were asking questions, but I don’t think it was polite to say “Are you dumb?”
Tonight is the night or evening of the present day. By the time the Flowjam starts, it is not going to be January 15th anymore.

Welcome back @Baconcat008, glad to see you back just in time for the jam.

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Just trying to humor you, i guess myself but E

Thank you! Im happy too.

(: aw yea

Thank you! I apriciate that (;

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The jam’s theme will be announced tonight at 11:30 EST Time and the actual jam doesn’t start until the second the arms of the clock strike midnight. Which this is a new day.

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Cannot wait for the flowjam


Me neither, although I’m kinda afraid what some people are gonna whip out since I know pixel pizza is participating (I think) and he’s probably gonna win. And a few other flowlab gods are in it so I’m gonna have to try my best.

PIXEL PIZZA!? Didnt he say he won like 3 or maybe 4 flowjams???

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