Guess whos back🙃

guys im back and im making good game so if you want me to make a game now is the time to tell me what you want in the game im making




wat is that? do you mean make the platform look more good?

it means things like: making the movement not slippery, making the menus intuitive, fixing every glitch you find ect. basically making everything feel good and glitchless

i really dont know how to do the making menus intuitive and how can you even make movement not slippery? maybe you can show me please im just coming back

can u send me the game?

im still making it so yea lol

i need the game (even if it’s unfinished) to help

Check out the resources I sent (just search the forums for the topic, it should be called “resources” or something), pretty sure there’s something there for polishing.