Halo: Flowlab Evolved (no updates anymore cuz people dont want it really)

Halo: Flowlab Evolved is a 2D Halo fan game I made for literally no reason. Here is the link:
Flowlab Game Creator - Halo: Flowlab Evolved

It features:
  • Master Chief as he appears in every game

  • 2 player co-op

  • Playable Arbiter, plus the two characters from Halo 3 who are almost never seen again: N’tho Sraom and Usze 'Taham.

  • Cortana appears like once

  • 6 full campaign levels

  • 2 forge maps

  • drivable vehicles (Warthog and Ghost)

  • 4 different types of Grunts, 1 type of Elite. I haven’t finished drawing the Jackal yet and I don’t know if I ever will.

  • The Active Camouflage powerup. Overshield is coming soon.

  • The jetpack as an equipment pickup.

  • And several bonus Forerunner maze levels.

Updates 2021-06-28

Added realistic muzzle flash (I think that’s what it’s called).
updated the grass and foliage.
Added Firefight; it’s currently a demo right now.


good work on the pixel art. Maybe some more shading tho :slight_smile:


Thanks. My art style isn’t as evolved in this game because I made it just after Gamougg 3, but some of this game’s newer features (like Firefight) have new and unique items that have a bit more shading.

Updates 2021-06-30
  • Added the Spiker

  • all player characters can now unequip the Needler

  • fixed the Arbiter’s dash

  • made a much better description for the game

  • SMG now uses the attacher block weapon system

  • N’tho Staom’s Assault Rifle also has the firing effect now

  • Weapon skins! An ODST skin for the Assault Rifle, a camouflage skin for the SMG, and a Banished skin for the Spiker!

  • All spawner objects in Firefight now have collisions disabled

  • Fixed the background in Firefight

Does anyone here even play Halo? :thinking:


Yes, mostly CE coincidentally


Never played Halo a day in my life.

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Halo is what started most first person shooters for console.
It’s literally a classic and a wonderful masterpiece in all of gaming.
So no one can call themselves a gamer if they haven’t played any halo game.

Except halo wars, which were terrible, but the rest are awesome.


Guess I’m not a gaymer.

sad DOOM noises

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Main menu customization if you press one of two secret buttons. Right-clicking the main menu options destroys them.

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CE is probably my favourite



Introducing the shield powerup!

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I added a 7th Campaign level! It has no enemies yet because I don’t know how to make flying enemy Banshees. In the level you fly a Banshee through space. Uzse 'Taham now has a unique red Energy Sword that’s only for him. Beating all the Campaign levels takes you to Forge. I also moved around the background objects for level 1.

Should I keep updating the multiplayer?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Perhaps

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Can you find Master Chief?


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More difficult levels have the Legendary icon on the top left corner of the HUD (Heads Up Display).

Share your Forge screenshots here! I wonder what you players have been doing in it :thinking:



I play DOOM too. I played DOOM Eternal yesterday.
(hey @Sigma02 could I use the flying enemy AI you put in Taile Gamougg Mouse Slayer into Halo Flowlab Evolved?)

Introducing the MJOLNIR MK 4! This armour hasn’t been seen in the games (except Multiplayer) but was quite prominent in the books. It’s also my current profile picture but green. I also added a bunch of other things today, but I don’t remember them so you’ll have to find out what those are yourself. Press 7 to use this Master Chief costume.

sorry I am late

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Yay this game still has fans

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yes it does,and it is still nice.
Untitled drawing (1)
Untitled drawing
I have been taking time of to make art.And school.


Thanks, that’s nice to hear.
Understandable, have a great day.

Also after the release of The GAME 420 and/or CubeTales: Sparks of War, I will add the Jackals to this game and maybe the Skirmishers as well.