Happy (late) ban anniversary

:partying_face: It’s the very late anniversary of when my stupid and rightfully banned account @Gamer20 got banned! The account may have been banned,but NSG or drutrillionD games still didn’t fully die. (@New_DrutrillionD). So,to celebrate,i created a game in the style of classic NSG. The CANON version. Not the computer version. The one where you play on mobile and just look at the screen. It’s been ages since i’ve created an nsg game,or even one like this. Happy anniversary. My business here has not finished.


Hey welcome back im glad you kept pushing and didnt let bans stop you.


Wait…Why did he get banned anyways?

I think there was some conflict and he was done with the flowlab at the time and asked to be banned. I’m not for sure exactly why and if I did, It probably wouldn’t be my place to discuss it. But all I know is that there was some sort of argument on the forums.