Hard Times


This is my first attempt to create a game. I would be very happy if you check and give feedback.

Link: https://flowlab.io/game/view/1414575

Hello! I am meburningslimes, a long-time programmer and flowlabber.
Ok, some pretty decent graphics for your first game, like the title screen.
First off, add some music. It makes the game pop!
Second of all, make everything go slower. It gives the player a chance to react instead of blindly hoping you don’t die.
Also, create some original sprites.
Well done for a first timer!
Here’s a game similar to yours:


I help fix problems, not review games.
Also it’s not a race, I just do what I can on my free time.

@“JR 01” you suck all the fun out of finally being the first person…

@meburningslime , you’ve tried to hard. Don’t you realize it’s not a contest?

@YouMakeEm well he’s been stealing them newbies from me for 4 years now so I got excited when I got one lol

4 years lol, I’ve only used Forums a year and a half.
But I am quite active in the Forums, I check on my phone if I’m not on my PC.

@“JR 01” oh yeah that was @latif that did that…

So please stop picking on him. You make great games, so don’t let the forums ruin your reputation.

@YouMakeEm I haven’t even had an honorable mention for a game
But I latif kinda played along I’m sorry if @“JR 01” felt like i was picking on him :confused:

I don’t think your picking on him, just excited to do this. But JR_01 is always so busy, tbh I usually do this, but home complications have stripped some of my time away from forums :frowning:

You don’t know what stripped time is unless your dad is your chemistry teacher…

Or your mum has blood cancer

@meburningslime , last time you did not have someone like me who is hoping for you to win. You should try a platformer next time and have a attachment to someone. And, if I find out how to export it to you, but I can do good pixel art. My games lack it because I am currently illustrating for someone else. But I can add you to my list if you want.

@meburningslime , You should try to enter a game in the flowjam. You will do good.

@YouMakeEm I did. I lost

And by the way, how do you enter a flowjam?

One comes around every year

Oh. Next year, will there be something on how to enter?