Has anyone seen shadow gaming?

where the heck did shadow gaming go???


30 mins ago.


The real question is where did @MetaNinja go.


I’m still around, I just won’t be posting very often.


i found shadow gaming

Where is he lol?

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he talked to me a day ago and then he KAPOOFED agian

these stupid people need to get competetive

What?? We aren’t competitive when making games because it’s a friendly atmosphere if that’s what you mean.

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ahh i was just playing my multyplayer game and the other people were just standing there

heres a linkclick me to the post

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Oh ok lol, I haven’t played it yet.

can you compete in hereART CONTEST!

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are you on it???

Yes I already am.

use space to shoot!!!

and you use e to turn squid

Sorry I’m working on Till We Have Faces. Go check out my forum post for more info :confused:

press e agian


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I’m almost done with the game so I’m just hustling