Having objects only collide with certain other objects

As my first game in Flowlab, I am currently creating a “Flappy Bird” clone. All was going well (Lie) until I tried to add a moving cloud for decoration. The way I set up my game is that the character stays still and flaps while the pipes and everything move and get teleported back to their starting points by a hidden block behind the playing area. Unfortunately, in order to teleport back, these pipes have to have the “Movable” function on. so, I tried to add a cloud using the same script, but in order to be teleported, the clouds had to be marked “Movable” as well. The result this ends up making is that the clouds pipes keep colliding and falling out of place, which completely ruins the game. How would I get this cloud to only collide with the teleporter blocks?


Uncheck the box labeled ‘is solid’.
this will make it so your cloud won’t have physics, but it can still collide with other blocks.
make sure to check the ‘enable collisions’ box though.

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If “Moveable” is not selected, objects are still able to move with Velocity (or Position)
Then, do what BradenS said to prevent the cloud being solid while still being able to have collisions

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you could also just put the cloud in the background, and then in your camera, turn on Background Repeat and set Parallax to a number less than 100

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@dan_balls welcome! What I suggest is, as previously stated, remove the “is solid” property of the clouds, then instead of using an unpredictable velocity, you should use the position block’s “+x” input. This manually moved your cloud rather than hoping nothing bumps into each other, and will save you much hassle in the future. Good luck on your project!