having problem with the player interacting with objects

I made it so that the character can interact with objects it works but some times in shows the message box for multiple objects not just the object that your interacting with
please help

Can you be more specific? “Interact” is quite vague in this case, and the explanation is somewhat confusing. If you want only one out of multiple objects of the same type to respond to whatever you’ve implemented, use “select object” below the “select type” of the message behavior

Sounds like a bad case of unspecified messaging. If you could name the objects and how you’re interacting with them, I’ll be happy to look at it if I have a bit.

i have objects that I want to let the player know something about like when you walk up to the table the press the letter c they say something about it for this example it would say "the table is worn and has dust covering the surface, I made it so that it would only work if you are in proximity of the object and if the letter c is also pressed the problem is that after interacting and making the alert show up for one object it proceeds to show the alert for the first object that you interact with and then every object you have interacted with in order. I have tried to do this with the bed the small cabinet/ bedside table and the large table in the center of the room in the level titled room level.

the game is also linked if you want to poke around in it

Hey @ahoo I think the problem is that the object interactions are only ever enabled, and not disabled. This means that every object you get close to will always print its description when you hit the “c” key.

I just put together an example that uses a bit simpler logic, and also always disables the description every frame, then only enables it if the proximity trigger is active. You can take a look here: https://flowlab.io/game/view/750076

You could also make a change that would allow you to make the logic super simple. Messages have an option to only send to the last contacted object. If you change the game to touch an object before requesting a description, then you don;t need any extra logic to figure out which object to describe - you can just send a message to the last object you touched and let it display the description. Not sure if that description was clear, but I hope this helps.