Having trouble with platforms and ground PLZ HELP!

Hey everyone i built my first game and i am having some trouble making vertical floating platforms and for some reason even though the ground is solid on level 3 my character keeps falling through it
plz help!! Flowlab Game Creator - Dreamscape

so a few things,
1 there are too many sprites. tone it down, maybe do animations for the different parts of things. (like that ground you mentioned) because there are so many i cant actually diagnose the problem cause its so laggy XD
2 very nice art
3 the movement is a little janky

also what are all the different things on the edge for? there are a lot of different things there and that is lagging the game a little

the trees are also solid so he falls through all the solid things

What vertical platforms are you having trouble making?
And what ground do they fall through, it’s not happening for me?