This forum has been a real pain for a long time, but some recent security issues are the last straw. I’m going to be migrating us to Discourse, hopefully in the next few days: https://www.discourse.org

It is likely to cause some headaches, so I hope you’ll bear with me while I migrate everything over. I plan to move as much of the existing posting history as possible, but the forum works differently, so some things may not migrate properly:

  • accounts - Discourse requires a legit email address, so you may have to validate your email to post
  • avatars - these may not transfer at all, and might need replacing
  • uploaded images in posts - these may not migrate either :frowning:

The good news is, Discourse is much better in just about every way, and it can integrate much more seamlessly with the website over time.

I’m not quite ready to switch over to the new version yet, but I wanted to give everyone a warning so you don’t get too surprised when the forum suddenly changes.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns that I should address.



sound great!

wait…oh god I can’t validate this email…

@grazer what if we use school accounts and can’t receive emails from the site?


@Ramshacklegamestudios - the email address you’re using now isn’t a school account, you can’t validate it?

@grazer please can you make it where we can delete our discusions please

@GrimProductionZ - I’m pretty sure that DIscourse allows you to delete your posts.

Oh ok thats neato burrito been wanting that for a very long time

Will the transition to Discourse delete currently existing discussions, or will they be transitioned too?

I should be able to migrate the discussions themselves, but embedded images will likely be lost

Hey @grazer you know the device check box can you like add it were it can detect you platform even on the website because that would be helpful for making .io games

Hey @grazer, is this new forums blocked for a reason or my school blocked it. Most schools usually blocks new or not popular websites for many reasons and I was just worried if I wont be able to use the forums anymore if my school blocked the new forum.

Hopefully you currently blocked it while you are working on it it, right? :frowning:

Hey @GrimProductionZ - do me a favor and make a new thread in the “feature requests” category for that request. If you just drop requests into random threads then I’ll never see it again when I am working on features. If it has its own thread I’ll see it when I go back and look for them.

Yeah @grazer Ive done that like 5 times and know one even cares about it no one even bothers to look i don’t know why i mean ill try i guess

@GrimProductionZ - I read back over the feature requests when I am prioritizing features to work on to help figure out which features people want the most. I don’t typically comment unless I don’t understand what you’re asking for, so don’t assume it’s ignored just because a request doesn’t spark a larger conversation.

Sounds Good! Can’t wait.

OK @grazer i hope you read it imma make it now

Looking forward to it Grazer!

I was thinking of posting a jojo meme but i thought it was way to cringe

Bruh i want to see it