Health Bar probs....

It seems as if i cant make an effective health bar for my boss the game is still a prototype but see if you can get to the boss and help me out with the health bar

Post the link to the game and grazer can take a look

also my boss seems to not die on the first hit it gets you got any ideas on how to help?

I jumped on the boss and he died, what did you want to happen instead?

Reply to Super creator:
[Post the link to the game and grazer and take a look]

(or mhx air)

i wanted him to last longer and take multiple hits that was the point of the health bar

Okay, I see. So what you want is when you jump on him, it subtracts 25 from the 100 health bar.
collision player top — (in) number -25 — (+) number 100 — bar (set at 100)
Then you want a filter here ______________________________^ Less than 1 — destroy

Thanx helped alot