Health Bars Don't Work

I am making a shooter for fun, and the health bar is only attached to Caco’s as the Lost Souls are one shot. The plasma gun does 1 damage to the 5 health Caco’s, and the health bar, when you hit it once, it doesnt show just for the Caco tha got hit, it shows that every other Caco has been hit as well, even when they are not. Please help.
Game link:


Instead of sending a message to the health bar, click “send to all attached objects”.

Attached objects are separate, while the object type is the class all together. Sending a message to the health bar will send a message to every health bar… while sending a message to the attached object will only send it to the attached object of that enemy.

Sorry, i already did that.

At the moment I can’t do anything since I don’t have access to my computer. I should by Friday though.

In the meantime here’s my game… it uses the exact same thing but a little different, (in the AngryVillager and Health Bar code).

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Thank you, and it looks like a very proffesional game, but i have done what you have said, looked at the code, and it doesn’t work. I guess i’ll find out sooner or later. Thanks for your help though!

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No problem… and thanks for supporting my game!

It’s not complete yet :’)

Doomguy in this game looks suspicious (amogus). You can take my Doomguy out of this game if you want.

Another thing is that the game lags because of the constant Cacodemon and Lost Soul spawns. If possible, try putting timer in between each spawn to reduce lag.

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It’s okay, thank you. I was going for a simple, but slightly recognisable doomguy, with no arms, as he holds his gun which is attached to him using an attacher behaviour. But i agree, hes looking kinda sus. As for the spawner lag issue, i know about that, i just havent decided between having no action, and no enemies to slay, and lag, and I have been trying to find an alternative to that. I might have to remove the blood particles.


Also, nice game! Good soundtrack, pretty good graphics, but what do you do in it?


Idk it’s nowhere near finished

Hi. You can find useful mechanic examples by going to the Help page > Helpful Examples.

Here are examples of player and individual enemy health bars.

Hope this helps! :v: