Health problem!

I dont know how it happened, i didn’t even TOUCH the game! but for some reason the health instantly goes down to 0 whenever i get hit! please help!

aaaghh! now the play button doesn’t even work!

you know what? i think it may have been an update! but didn’t hear about any!

Your Play button isn’t working, because you renamed your levels. Clicking is set to go to “Level 1” but you renamed them World 1 and World 2. Just reselect the levels and try again.

As for dying in one hit, I can’t seem to find where your health system is in all the tangled wires. I’ll try to look again when I’m at home on my laptop. My phone isn’t good for flowlab.

Connect a once to a number with the starting Health as its value, then connect that to the expression/number that is used as the health

Thanks so much! i selected world 1 to the play button and for some reason there was a collision
with green/yellow block! so i deleted that! now my game works!