Hello, I need help coding a weapon.
I want a magic book that summons energy at the player’s mouse, but mousemove and position blocks won’t do the trick! Please help!
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So you just need the angle to go into emit? Try my Angle-To bundle:

Point At and Angle to example:

@“JR 01” no I need the exact pixel, including y and x axis.

Is the pixels not exact?
It could be at the middle or tip of the mouse icon, you could adjust it by using expressions to make Mouse = the position you want.

No you try, It’s completely off-kilter by about 7 blocks.
@“JR 01”

Comment the link, I’ll try it when I can.


What object spawns it?

Weapon magic book

@grazer, seems the “game position” option in the MouseMove behavior acts up when you update the camera behavior.


that is what I suspected

What was that algorithm you added in to make it work? Too low quality to see :frowning:

@“JR 01”

It’s a custom auto scroll so you dont have to use the built in one.
You can actually use another way around using the “screen position” for the Mouse move.

Just message the object the camera outputs and add it to the MouseMove X and Y by using an expression and output to spawn.