Hello All, New game idea! WE NEED COMMUNITY HERE!

Sorry for taking so long, i was at the mall so i couldn’t save the file


Take a rest man… Like for real.

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he is orignial i came up with the character and my brother drew him

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bruh i made up the character lol

Oh snap ur correct man!

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Huh. Just played the mod here and Dex was nowhere to be seen. Maybe you’re right.

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Understandable, have a great day and that is awesome art!

i told you and you @TheFlowingLabThatFlowsALab

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sorry for doubting you


i’m taking a rest… for making art for this game, hell yeah I’ve made even more art after this

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its ok

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what do you mean “Maybe”

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ahem, my issue was that it was a character within your games, what i was asking for was a sprite to represent your avatar, the profiles name may suggest you may be a dragon warrior xD but what type of sprite do you want to represent your Avatar? of your flowlab account.

ok @CodeAlpaca your dragon has been created, sorry for delay my friend hasnt made a dragon so i had to request it, take a look at the animations, there will be breath attacks soon implemented, Thanks for AdrianDarkfellow- take a look- Flowlab Game Creator - Boingo

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ok @sup3r87 i think i can add in your character, but note, he will not be fought, but rather a logo-hologram for what remains of the “sup3r87” corporation, he will be someone to go to upgrade your skills.

@CodeAlpaca i added the basic breathe and the ultimate breath animations, look good? also is it supposed to be a light dragon or a lighting dragon?

It looks good, but the art style seems very different compared to the rest of the game

to be fair the sprite i had for the Undying was one of his older sprites, like i said his art style got alot better

interesing! will look forward to seeing what you make :slight_smile: