Hello and some help to get started

Hello all, I’m lead admin on www.tanks-encyclopedia.com and I wanted to surprise the rest of the guys there with a tank game! However, I am inexperienced in game design. smile

I need some guidance on some things, here are the stuff I already know:

  • I have all the sprites/graphics ready
  • I have all the audio/sound ready
  • I have a general idea on what I want to create

I’m thinking of a top-view simple tank combat game, where you can play solo or co-op as the same tank.
I get the layout of the creator, but I’m not quite sure on the following things:

  • How to make the turret traverse on the hull of the vehicle
  • Enemy AI that doesn’t rush to attack you right when you start the game
  • Health/damage bar
  • ammunition freeze/reload

Thanks in advance!

a health bar is simple, all you need to do is get a collission, then set it to whatever the enemies shoot/are then get the expression. you open it up and put in the A: 100 and B: 10. In the bottom bar you put A-B. Connect the collision with the eval- input.
Then connect the output of the expression BACK to A

Over all things, i think i can help… click <a"href=“http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/151315”> Here


Connect the output on the fireing setting to a bar and make its max value 100 and make the current value 100, then put a filter down and have it connected to the output of the expression. Make the filter say equal to 0, and connect the PASS output to a restart game tool that can be found in the GAME FLOW section

As of anumision, you want to
have a Keybord command and set it to whatever button you want to make it fire.
put a expression down. set A to how many shots you want before you reload.
Set B to 1.
connect the keyboard command to the EVAL on the expression. and set the output back to a.
make a little bar
… i need @grazer to help me explain

Thanks a bunch! If I get any other questions I’ll post them here.

No problemo

How do I anchor a part on another part? I want the turret and hull to be independent, since they are two things:
M4A3 Sherman Hull

M4A3 Sherman Turret

I’m trying to test a platformer version of my game but the sprite always seems to float over the ground. Any way to fix?

Hey Amazing Ace - for the tank game, you need to use an “attacher” to attach the turret to the body. I put together a uper quick example here: http://flowlab.io/game/play/177292

There are three objects: body, turret, and bullet. Use the arrows to move and turn, mouse to aim and shoot. Pay special attention to the physics settings of each object.

For the “floating sprite” question: It sounds like you may be using a circle collider, and it isn’t working for the sprite shape - try using a rectangle collider instead.