Hello every one, I welcome myself!

I decided to browse easy ways to make a game because I was a little bored and curious. Then I came acrossed this nice community and thought I’d give it a try. The mechanic s to making a game here looks simple enough but advanced enough to be a challenge. So hello every one I welcome myself!


I’m pretty new as well, but so far this is a great and helpful community for a relatively simple game creation software.

So welcome, and I hope you like the website as much as I am so far!


Thank you, can’t wait to get started.


Hello Octave-Gen-a273,And welcome to the community.


Welcome @Octave-gen-a273 - you picked a great time to join! We just started the Summer Flowjam Game Jam, which is a great way to jump right into the deep end of the pool and force yourself to make a complete game :slight_smile:



Yes, it’s simple but also not so simple. It’s easy to create a side scrolling run and jumper, and those can be addictively fun to play.

But seeing all the other stuff you can potentially do once you have a greater understanding of the mechanics… it’s practically limitless.

I mean, you can’t exactly recreate a modern AAA console title, but you can still do a lot of cool stuff. Even stuff that you weren’t originally intended to be able to do, but some talented coders here found out how to make it work.

It’s a challenge for sure, and a fun one. I’ve had just as much fun “playing around with Flowlab” as I have actually playing games created by professionals. Every time I learn how to make a new function work, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.


A day late, but welcome!

I started nearly a year ago, and I’ve found this program easy to pick-up and fun to play with!

If I were you, I’d play around with the engine for a few weeks, if you’re liking it and think you’ll be doing it for a while, feel free to buy the indie subscription. Doing so, it’ll push you to your full potential in game development-allowing you to have access to more behaviors, infinite objects, infinite levels, multiplayer support, team support, and exporting to multiple platforms!

Again, welcome to the community, we’re so glad you’ve joined us!


Thank you guys so much. Yeah I might not do the flowjam right now because I don’t know enough about flowlab’s mechanics yet. Though I do plan sticking with flowlab and a may think about doing it the next time. Also I noticed a few people making art to make money from. Is it like a few select people can do it or can any one enter a art sheet. Because I’m pretty decent at art so I could possible come up with something cool. Which the money could help pay for my indie account and make it a little cheaper.


Anyone can do it, but you’ll have to get your work approved through grazer. If you’re on Discord, you should tag him there to discuss.

EDIT: should also note that he probably won’t be accepting new sprite submissions until after the Flowjam is over.