Help a dude out. If you don't I might fail a class.

Help. At my school theres a thing that one of the teachers does called Genius Hour. Basically, you have to set a goal to do something, and then try to do it in three months. Two and a half months have come and passed. My goal was to make a game. This is the state of my game:
I need help:
Making a timer that goes down from 24, but resets if you make contact with the basket.
Making it so that everytime you play the floor has a different height (as well as the enemy).
You guys are my only hope. Ive tried to do these things on my own, but I just make it worse. This is a bro to bro thing. I procrastinated. I got in over my head. I need help.

Hey @TheScoochie11,

I think this would be pretty complicated for beginners. Why didn’t you just make something easier like a platformer or top down game?

Anyway, I’ve quickly made a game with the things you wanted:
The floor height is random and the timer is at the top-right. You can copy the things you want. I also made the score and a moving enemy just for fun, you may ignore that.

@Lati3 the reason I wanted to make a game like this because part of my project was to research the app store and find what was most popular. What I got was basically a mini game with a continuous score that was (somewhat) original.
You are also my favorite person. I might make a shrine to you.

WHAT?! Thats… nice?