Help and update forum for racing game

Hi guys, sorry again to bug you.
So im making a racing game and idk what to put in it, i honestly wonder if i should change it up and make it a demo derby car game but i still dont know. can i have some help?

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Just make a top down but with motor instead of velocity

? what do you mean by that

Heres the link

This is multiplayer??? Lookin good, but it needs mobile

Alright, so ill add that but should i changed the game? like i also need design ideas

So should i change some things up?

Maybe add some game? Make some background and a movable car, then I’ll be interested.

go to the second level :upside_down_face:

What about the second level?

Maybe have the car increase in speed as you press:upside_down_face:


Did you check the game? i made it so everytime you press the up arrow button the speed increases by one

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Sorry when i say did you check the game i dont mean to be rude or have an attitude, im just asking :slight_smile:

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Put the up and down keys on repeat so that your car can go faster smoother.

Alright i just fixed that

But now it goes to fast so i dont think i can have it repeating

you can use my game (cancelled) as a inspiration :slight_smile: Flowlab Game Creator - Super Blocky Racing

I saw that game but… when i look at it and i try to see code and stuff everythings everywhere lol

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And when i mean code i mean like look at it, not copy it, but use it and edit it so its not stealing work

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But thanks! :)) i will use it for inspiration :))

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