help behaiviors are buging

when I try to work on behaiviors it wont let me exit and I have to refresh and with the behaviors wont connect to each other and I’ve tried on 3 different pc’s it is the same bug please help

Hey, thanks for letting me know - but I need a few more details in order to fix it. For starters, what game is this?

eragon the game

and I really love behaviors because it expands the game completely and it wold be usefull to be able to work on them again the game link is

Hey ipadcreAt0r, I checked out your game and I can’t seem to reproduce the problems you’re reporting. Are there specific steps I need to try in order to make the behaviors misbehave the way you describe?

sometimes ill be working on them and they disappear but are still operating so I cant work on them. and sometimes they delete themselves when I click them