[[HELP]] Bullets

So I’m eventually going to have a top down, multiplayer battle royale type game. Right now, when the player hits space bar, a ‘bullet’ shoots. I want it so when the bullet hits another player, they die (get destroyed). Because my player is emitting a bullet from inside of him, it kills him when he shoots it because the collider is set to player?
Basically, how to kill other players and not myself, or how to get the bullet emitting a tiny bit away from the player?
If someone could reply asap that’d be good.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Since it’s multiplayer, I’m guessing you have a payed account, its going to take a bit but one way to solve this issue is by making multiple player objects and having multiple bullet objects
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Could you put a link to the game?
My best guess is to turn the colliders off with a switch
and use a Once to a Timer for 1/10 to turn the switch on.