Help create a pickup system using a key

Ive been working hard to find out how to make a pick system but can find a way
the way I want it to work is that if you get near an item it will display the letter E some were on the screen
you walk away and it disappears
when the E Is on screen you can press E to pick it up


Not too hard, do you have a link to the game?

Yeah it’s up top

@GrimProductionZ, what are you trying to pick up?

Also you could probably do something similar to an old game I’d try to cobuild with, it has a similar system:

i would like to know how to that too

Hey @“JR 01” can you make an example cause I can’t seam to follow it with the other by standing behaviors

Are you collecting the item or are you pick it up off the ground?
Also which items in your game are you trying to pick up?

Stone and wood planks yes I’m collecting the item.

Here you go @GrimProductionZ, I made a Item Pick Up example:

Thank you so much @“JR 01”