Help Explaining on Flowlab Part 3 - Enabled

This one has annoyed me for a while. I have had my theories on what this does but I would still like it explained. Although @grazer 's explanation may have seemed clear it still has had me confused. So what I came to understand about this it it turns properties on and off. But this still confused me. Which Properties? It was too vague for my liking.So if someone could possibly explain to me What is does, and How to Use it, and finally What it is used for than that would really help me understand. This is my third entry to the series in which helps people grasp an understanding of how to use certain things on flowlab. This is good for beginners, or people like me who have been on it for a year and just never really find out… The 1st and 2nd will have links bellow if you are interested in how to use Raycasting and Extractors… Before I put the links bellow, a shout out to @Superstargames @“JR 01” @todorrobot @grazer @“Johnny boy” .

Part 1:
Part 2:

it sort of just disables the physics of an object when “off”
when “on” it keeps the objects physics how they normally were

that is the best I can explain it hope it helps!

lets say that there is a block that is affected by gravity and moves around the screen like a cpu if you make it enabled off it is no longer affected by gravity it does not move and you can walk through it.
Then say after you walk through it you want it on then everything it used to do it will do again like this if it is on it can still be affected by gravity, movable, and solid but when you turn it off it reverses all of these things it is NOT affected by gravity, movable, or solid

did that help?

@seamothmaster45 What do you mean? When it disables physics, does it disable all the physics/properties, because it does not seem to specify! @“JR 01” Can you give an extended answer because I still have too many questions!

from my understanding it disables ALL physics

Properties and behaviors continue running even when an object is disabled. What @seamothmaster45 means by physics, he means stuff like gravity obedience, collisions with other objects, and movement. The disabled object can still carry out animations, send/receive messages, and even delete itself. Some properties will be affected by enabling/disabling an object. Friction will be set to 0, affected by gravity will be off, is solid will be off, and the object will have no definite shape. The original properties will return to normal when the object is enabled.
So let me give you an example. Let’s say that an enemy has been defeated. At the start of the “defeated” phase of the enemy, the object is disabled. The enemy is no longer solid. The enemy, which was once a circle, now has no definite shape. The enemy does not obey they laws of physics (gravity, movement, etc.). However, the enemy can still send a message to a point counter to add up points for its defeat. It can still play a defeated animation.
Now what if, assuming that the enemy didn’t have a destroy behavior and it’s body remained in the game, it was revived. The object would receive a message from another object telling it to begin the reviving process. By the time it reaches a point where the object is enabled, the enemy goes back to its normal behaviors. The enemy is solid again. The enemy regains its original shape (which was a circle). The enemy goes back to obeying the laws of physics.

It disables all physics, basically its like it doesn’t exist but you can see it.
You can’t move it or interact with it in any way.

This is great for doors or destruct-able objects that you dont want to Destroy, but be able turn on and off.

You can still use behaviors, but any physics are off.

Try opening the door in this example, you need to first get the key:

@Superstargames and @“JR 01” Thank you so much! I have learned so much from you! This will be so helpful in the future! Part 4 of the series is coming out soon don’t miss it, I need all of your vast intellect!

@“The Kodex” These are all super questions and ones I’ve been curious about myself. I’ve always wanted a deep drive down into the usefulness and specifics of each item. I’ve been meaning to read through these threads and provide some input and glean some knowledge. Haven’t had time yet, but I appreciate getting tagged as a reminder to pop in.

@todorrobot Thanks! Me too, as I want to get to a master level of flowlab, but to do that I have to understand all of the items of flowlab. @todorrobot do keep updated i’m going to do at least 8 parts and I hope you do learn more on these “Tutorial” forums!